Professional Grade GIS

XY • MAPS is industrial strength and flexible web mapping for business and government. Run on your servers or our secure cloud. Use open source and commercial GIS mapping. Connect seamlessly to industry-standard databases and deploy to the masses.

XY • MAPS can be hosted at or installed, deployed, and maintained on an organization's own network by its IT staff. Deployment on industry standard commercial or open source GIS mapping systems provide for maximum flexibility. Clients can make their maps available over the Internet to allow for public access to some or all capability. Anyone with a web-connected browser can login and get answers fast.


Norwalk has adopted XY MAPS for citywide access to parcel, transit, and planning information. In-house staff add and maintain layers. We are currently developing a comprehensive set of Water and Sewer GIS layers using a combination of GPS and as-built construction plans.

Fountain Valley

XY MAPS is linked to 9000+ scanned construction plans, the HdL property information database, and the in-house Permit, Code Enforcement and Arbor Pro databases.

La CaƱada Flintridge

The Planning Department uses XY MAPS to lookup properties, perform slope calculations for hillside development permits, and generate radius maps with mailing labels.

Sierra Madre

XY MAPS has been used by the City for 15 years to perform a variety of mapping functions across multiple departments.


The Engineering and Planning departments are using XY MAPS for property lookup, mapping, and radius maps. Scanned construction plans are linked to the map, along with water, sewer, storm drain, downtown parking zones, and city trees from Arbor Access.


XY MAPS is linked to over 13000 construction plans, along with water, sewer, and storm drain layers. Additional layers include seismic hazards and art in public places


The City of Downey has deployed over 80 mapping layers using ArcGIS for Server and XY MAPS. This enables all in-house staff to view utility layers and thousands of linked scans. Downey has published a second instance of XY MAPS for public access


The Engineering department uses XY MAPS Mobile in the field to help maintain the water system. XY MAPS is deployed at City Hall to provide property seach, mapping, and radius maps.


Mainstar work orders are dynamically mapped as a layer in XY MAPS. Multiple departments throughout the City use this and other data to search for properties and create high quality maps.

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